The Biggest Loser

Every year on channel 10/TDT the TV show The Biggest Loser is held. 12 contestants who are all overweight are sent to camp Biggest loser to lose that extra weight. They are forced to undertake a number of challenges,temptations and weigh ins.

Sometimes I think the show is mean and unfair.  The point of the show is to lose weight but in the temptations make them eat or drink 1000s of calories just for one more week in the house. This year they introduced the double and nothing bracelets. if the person with the double bracelet wins that person win $40,000 instead of $20,000. If the person with he nothing bracelet wins, they win absolutely nothing. This can take away the motivation for the contestants.

However there are good things.The trip to NZ for the top 6 was nice. The double bracelet was also OK. They let some contestants back to the game after they were eliminated. And they do the most important thing of the game, losing weight.

So is the game fair or is it more about entertainment? You decide.

Guns vs Tasars

A while ago a 14 year old boy left home in a rage. He stole 2 knives from the supermarket. He ran into some Cops at the local skate park. They asked him to put the knives down. When he didin’t they all shot him. He was killed instantly.

But what if the Cops had Tasars? Tasars shoot 2 wires with pins on the end of them. they go into the body and then send an eletrical charge along the wires. This imobilises the criminal. If the cops had had tasars the boy would still be alive. I think we should give the cops tasars and not guns. Cops are supposed to prevent Murder not kill people. If they have tasars hopefully no 14 year old boys will be killed by police.

Creating an Avatar

Have you got a blog? If you do you may want an avatar. It’s a good way to identify yourself on the internet without using an actual picture of you. To make avatar go to one of the following websites:



Icon maker


Avatar maker


You have to be 13 or over to use the following ones:




Wee world

Voki (my avatar)

You may have trouble with a Voki. If you do go to: theedublogger .

Being safe on the Internet

When you write on Blogs, Myspace, Facebook and things like that, everyone using the internet can see it. that is why you need to be careful on the internet. you should never use your full name. Also don’t put on websites your e-mail address, Pictures of you or people you know and where you live. If you do all these things you will be safe. 

If you can think of anything I missed please write a comment.

Starting a blog

If you want to start a blog you need to ask someone with a blog to start you one. you will then get an e-mail saying that your blog has been created. you the click on the hyperlink with your blog website on it. Read the information on it the log in. your password and user name will be on the e-mail. Then change the settings to what you want. You can create an avatar, change your theme, write posts and lots more! You now have a new blog.